Welcome to f1merica 2.0!

After a late start to the 2018 season, f1merica is back.. with a facelift!

We’ll hit some highlights of the changes below, but let’s recap what f1merica is and our goal for the site…

F1merica is a US born, based, and biased Formula 1 site. We hope to bring Formula 1 to the US, and bring the US to Formula 1.

We got some exciting news today with what F1 is calling a “Proposal/Statement” to add a Miami Grand Prix for the 2019 season. This would be huge deal for us because it would double our footprint and potentially give us back to back races in the US. F1merica will be there.

While it’s just a proposal at the moment, it looks rather promising with F1 having set up a dedicated website http://f1miamigp.com and some quotes indicating it’s only awaiting a green light from the city commission.

Miami is an exciting location and a must-do on our travel plans next year.

So what’s changed? Check it out:

  • Merch – wat?! Yep! We have a store. Products have been tested for quality control. I’m wearing one now… and that’s all I’m wearing.
  • New layout – we hope that it improves the readability of the site and makes navigating easier, while still having our popular instagram and blog easy to find. Should you choose to EXPLORE f1merica, you’ll find a doorway to more in-depth content and maybe some exclusive f1merica supporter freebies in the future (hint hint).
  • Social media – As mentioned above, our instagram is a hit and it’s an easy way to reach fans. We also have a Facebook Page where we chime in on official team and driver pages. If you see us out on the interwebs, give us a shout. Seriously, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Other stuff – There’s a few minor other changes such as going back to the old style of comments. This should make posting comments easier and encourage discussion.

It’s taken a lot of work and it’s been a bit slower than anticipated. We hope you like it, and remember, we do it for you.

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