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Steven Stonaker

Enjoys a nice fanny pack. And a pair of jeans,
maybe. Voted by the F1 grid "most likely to
enjoy a shoey with Danny Ric".
Cody Jones

Wears all the shorts he can find. Doesn't like being spoken to in the corners. Probably on the short list for a Toro Rosso drive.


Welcome to f1merica 2.0!

After a late start to the 2018 season, f1merica is back.. with a facelift! We’ll hit some highlights of the changes below, but let’s recap what f1merica is and our goal for the site… F1merica is a US born, based, and biased Formula 1 site. We hope to bring Formula 1 to the US, and […]

What Formula 1 Can Learn From The Atlanta Braves

The following includes author opinion in some parts, reader beware. As you all may know, 2017 was Liberty Media’s first season in control of Formula 1. The grid saw a slew of changes in reference to social media, broadcasting, driver and garage exposure, etc. But this isn’t the first time Liberty Media has dipped it’s […]

F1Merica’s Too-Early 2018 Team Power Rankings

Yes it’s only been about a month since the season ended. But too-early power rankings are all the rage now, and we’ll throw our hat into the ring. So here, counting down from 10, are F1Merica’s 2018 Team Power Rankings. 10. Toro Rosso-Honda Toro Rosso picks up where McLaren left off, spending race weekend in […]

2017 Season in Review

2017 Season in Review. It’s a little past due, but it’s here. By Team: Mercedes 2017 saw ex-Williams driver Valtteri Bottas team up with 2016 runner-up Lewis Hamilton to fill the vacant seat left behind by Nico “scared to defend my trophy” Rosberg. Starting with Hamilton, he raced two separate seasons this year, broken up by […]

Abu Dhabi GP: Preview

So, here we are. As the sun sets on the grid Sunday for the twilight race, so it sets on the 2017 season. Again, with the championships having already been decided, this race will be about downfield fights. 4th in the Drivers’ Championship is still contested between Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikonnen with Kimi down […]

Brazilian GP: Quali

The crowned champ slid into the tire barrier and out of Q1 after the rear snapped out in Turn 7 before he was able to complete a fast lap. Lewis Hamilton assured his team he was ok as he climbed out of the mangled Mercedes in roughly the spot newly crowned champion Michael Schumacher did […]